modern window curtain

Product no.: 497

Modern curtains living room window decoration red window 80 -140 No. 497

    super fabric quality
    utmost satisfaction
    everything ready to hang up

    Curtain tape sewn in
    matching tiebacks
    Plexiglass rod to push in
    the height of the middle panels of your choice

We present you a complete window decoration consisting of 6 parts.

    white curtains, length 140 cm,
    width 140 cm, with crimped band, pulled together approx. 30 - 40 cm wide
    middle panel in white-red-black, striped
    width 40 cm
    Height at your choice, 90 cm, 100 cm, 110 cm, 120 cm or 130 cm
    matching tiebacks
    Plexiglass rod, for sliding
    suitable for small windows, rod length between 80 cm and 140 cm

Scope of delivery

    2 white curtains, 140 x 140 cm
    1 middle panel, width 40 cm, height at your choice
    2 matching tie backs
    1 Plexi-rods
    6 parts in total


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modern window curtain modern window curtain
59.00 € *
modern window curtain modern window curtain
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modern window curtain modern window curtain
59.00 € *
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